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Oven Cleaning

We all know that cleaning the oven is that one chore that everyone hates doing – which is probably why you have avoided cleaning this appliance for that long. Unfortunately, having a dirty oven doesn’t only include the interior being covered in burnt food, build-up, grease, and all sorts of other impurities. It directly affects the performance of the appliance as well as its lifespan. When the oven isn’t properly deep cleaned in a long time, all of the build-ups does shorten the lifespan of the appliance – and it slows down the heating time. This means that when you set it to a certain temperature, it will take longer to reach it and it will use a lot more power to maintain it.

This is why cleaning your oven is so important – for your health as well as for having a properly working appliance. But this doesn’t mean that you have to clean it on your own because Original Cleaners Croydon specializes in deep cleaning ovens – no matter the type, size, or condition, by the time we are finished with this service, the appliance will look brand new!

Our team has over 14 years of experience – and we use all the right cleaning supplies which are powerful enough to lift off all the impurities, stains, grease, and burnt food. All you really have to do is contact us, schedule the visit, and then sit back and relax.

What Does This Service Include?

When you book our Oven Cleaning, our team will arrive with all tools and cleaning detergents that will be used, free of charge, as a part of the service. They will start off by inspecting the oven and its condition.

After that, they will disassemble all removable parts so they can clean them separately. Our team will bring water tanks where they can submerge these removable parts in hot water and a special detergent mixture.

While these parts are soaking and the burnt food, grease, and stain are loosening up, our team will continue with taking the glass door apart so they can deep clean between the glass as well.

Of course, the interior and exterior of the oven will also be scrubbed and properly deep cleaned.

Then our team will go back to the removable parts and give them a good scrub. Once they are spotless, they will be assembled back. The service is completed only once the appliance is spotless and has been returned to its original state.

Enjoy Your Free Time – Allow The Experts To Do All The Work

If you are interested in our Oven Cleaning and you indeed want to allow our team to deep clean every inch of your appliance then give us a call. Our customer service agents will make sure to walk you through the service and provide you with a FREE quote prior to booking the visit at a convenient date and time for you. We work seven days a week so don’t hesitate to contact us even during the weekends.

Our starting price for Oven Cleaning is £49 – and depending on the size and type of your appliance, you will be provided with an accurate quotation over the phone in just a few minutes.

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